Video: What I fear, what I feel when something like this happens #BlackLivesMatter

I have been mentally overtaken and overwhelmed by all that is going on. It got to a point where I was taking in so much information, trying to be more educated, trying to tell people why this is important, and I was wondering and if I was doing enough for my fellow siblings. Questioning myself... my validation, my equity in the community.

Getting an early start on celebrating Black Music Month by raising funds for the Foundation for Black Heritage & Culture

On May 22, I was looking for a way to celebrate Black Music Month by supporting an organization that supports the arts, music and more in the black community. I found one that caught my eye after searching for a little bit and landed on the Foundation for Black Heritage and Culture. The foundation helps support the community through music, arts, and more and is based out of Houston, TX, and was founded by Richard Andrews in 2012. They are also the The Houston Black Heritage Music & Arts Festival.