Sexy Lovey Saturday: Yes or No?

Could this golden boy be a "bad ass" in disguise?


Sexy Lovey Saturday: Yes or No?

Things are getting hot in this kitchen!

WATCH: @LetsHaveAFefe S3 E5 | Powered by @MovieBears

Did you miss the latest episode of Let's Have a Fefe? Want to re-watch it? Watch it here:

#SoulfulSunday – “He Brought Me” by Dorinda Clark-Cole


PHOENIX, AZ -- On Friday, August 15, Southwest Entertainment presents BeDazzled a monthly drag show with glitz, glam and entertainment at Zoan in Phoenix at 9 p.m. All-star entertainers include: Felicia Minor, Cruz, Krisstina Glory Fatale, Diamond Kyng and Holly Pena Popper. Check out the all-star gig with jello-shots, drink specials like the BeDazzled Bleu and … Continue reading UPCOMING SHOW: BeDazzled

My Reflection, Experience of National Entertainer of the Year 2014

Now that the glitter has settled and we are back to reality, I am finding the time to reflect about my experience with Team Southwest & Arizona Entertainer of the Year -- later to be known as Team SWAZ. I proudly represented Southwest Entertainer of the Year as the first alternate.

‘Mean Girls’ characters: Where are they now?

She's just a ruiner, she's ruining people's lives!