It was a short work week for me but seemed to be just as busy as a regularly scheduled week. It was great to sit down, take a break from all that, and welcome Jack Rabid to the conversation on Let’s Have A Fefe this week.

The weekend and even the beginning of this week were full of mishaps that included but were not limited to our time at Sex Trivia and having to juggle technological difficulties or spilling the brine for the turkey on the floor as I prepared for Gratitude Day. I also had to be corrected for saying something that I didn’t know was not right and apologize and really don’t mean to offend anyone.

Freddy dove into a bit about family not being an obligation. Blood doesn’t mean sticking around for the toxic vibes, cruel comments, and microaggressions. Find places, friends, and chosen family that make you feel like you aren’t fighting to take up space and be yourself authentically. It was fitting for the time as we head into the holiday season.

We spoke about the change that needs to happen as we observe the tragedy and mass shooting at Club Q. This hit really hard for Freddy as he has performed at the club before. We talked about how that could be any of us, how it made us feel, and how we are losing the feeling of surprise. Yet, now we want to be able to make a change. Neglecting to vote, even in small or local elections, is neglecting to make a change toward the protection of our community, creating rules and regulations for safer communities, and so much more.

We got to talk with our special guest Jack Rabid, an entertainer based in Austin, TX, a part of the Boyz of Austin drag king troupe, and a board member for the Austin International Drag Festival. Jack talked about how he recently came out again to his parents — again. It’s been a journey for him as an individual and as an entertainer. We heard about competing in pageants as well as being a part of the Austin International Drag Festival.

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