It’s almost like we never left. It was great connecting and talking with you all for YOUR Wednesday night conversation. You know we had so much to talk about. Ha ha. The world just keeps handing us the juiciest details and headlines about things. And here we are.

We are returning after the replay of Adam Awbride’s episode and a great weekend of events like raising 1.7K for Free Mom Hugs – Arizona, photo shoot for RipplePHX and so much more. And the latest adventures of Freddy as a home owner. It’s hilarious!

Then we got into what not to say when exploring online dating and creating a profile. Like “hi” and not starting a conversation with just that. Giving some substance and personality might be a good thing for those looking to get to know you. But, don’t go overboard. It’s not cute.

We explore the latest with what’s going on in the world. A pipeline was shut down and it caused madness like hoarding gasoline causing a gas shortage, near non-existent Caitlin Jenners’ approval rating in the LGBTQ community, and so much more going on.

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