We were back and (not) into the swing of how things go after two weeks. The brain has been turned to mush. But we made it work and survived the episode. While we were gone, I learned how to herd cats and put on virtual events and Freddy learned to do handy things with Dominick Von Strap. “30 minute jobs done in 3 days.” It seems catchy.

Freddy’s tip tonight is that you hire others to do the handiwork around the house like washers with the water turned off. You’ll need a handyman for that, quickly. Problem solver, even for the most obvious problems.

Then we took a closer look at current events. It seems like that good ol’ Doug decided to deploy National Guard to the border as well as take the mandate off of wearing masks. He was on a roll this week and while we were out. And just around the corner, instead of cutting the mass shootings happening in the US, Republicans are fighting to inspect children to learn their gender. They are also focusing on taking them out of sports. I am sure there is a relationship between the two. I am just not seeing it.

We also talked about the Derek Chauvin case and how it is not the beginning it’s a small start but we have to keep fighting for justice, for more in-depth police training — and even more pressing on the local and national politicians we elected to fight for our community.

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