Sorry it took me forever to put this up! Our latest episode was a good one! Freddy returned! We talked about all the things going on after a successful THRIVE Ball! And Freddy broke some good news — he bought a house with his partner. Great way to start the episode.

We opened our Booty Bag’s while Freddy spoke about what not to say to your child while they are questioning their gender identity. You’re definitely in charge of the future of your child and want to make them feel comfortable about the journey they are on and need the support from you as they discover themselves.

We talked about some current events like Coca-Cola jumping to boycott voter suppression law after threats of people boycotting their brand or products. Some other things like a man pleading guilty that he assualted a young man because he was black; the George Floyd murderer is now on trial; and there is a growing amount of hate crimes against Asians and protests are fighting back against this hate.

Then we got to talk with Adam about being an adult entertainer. He first speaks to how he got started in the business. There’s a bit of a difference of being an in-studio and an independent entertainer. But, either way Adam has found success through marketing his work on Twitter. He gives us some tips on what you can do to promote your work.

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