Tonight was a good night with special guest The Doyénne, an indie artist based out of Phoenix. And of course the night wouldn’t be right without a visit from one of Freddy’s cats. And something falling. Ha ha.

We dive right into the topic of the booty while opening our Booty Bags sent to us by RipplePHX. Lots of great things inside like condoms, s’more socks, lip scrub, warming lube and so much more. All great things that I might just have to try. I don’t want them to go to waste!

Then we got into the latest in current events like a non-binary potato, self-cancelling Dr. Seuss, Biden throwing bombs while Texas and Mississippi go maskless and more. That was the short of it. Hehe.

We got to talk with indie artist The Doyénne who has been entertaining for more than a decade. We got to listen to his latest single “Blood_Code” and our audience members seemed to love and had it saved before we were even done listening to it. This is just the first single of the first EP that will be part of a multi-part anthology or set.

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