We had some shenanigans happening here tonight. Not that don’t always happening, but usually I am the best at being a mess. Tonight Freddy took full charge of the role and it continued throughout the show — almost like a theme. We also had special guest Frank Anzaldua and Jaime J. Soto of Glacier.WAV join us tonight to talk about their new album.

After the hysteria died down and we got into it, we talked about the meaning of and the differences of gatekeeping and having an opinion. It was an depth conversation about who is holding what is thought to be true and those that honestly have an opinion. It was a good discussion — between our guests, us and the audience. Even questions from Christopher Jay Hall about gatekeeping vs. gaslighting. Full of educational moments.

We jumped in quickly to current events like Mitch McConnell being ‘bizarre’, LGBTQ groups being shut down, the USPS slowing down first class mail, Black History facts and more.

Then we got to talk with our guests Glacier.WAV. We dove into the story on how the duo was formed. We learned about how their sound is created and lyrics are written, the process. What led to the new sound and some of the challenges. We also watched their video and encourage you to check out their debut album.

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