I was such a mess starting out the night with barely a lick of makeup on my face and Freddy opening the show on his own. But all in all, we made it through the episode and had a good time talking about different things like stereotypes that can be harmful, vaccinations and so much more!

We talked about how media and things have harmful stereotypes against a particular population. It seems really harmful to groups of people when information is not true or makes the mainstream think that everyone in that population like being smart, being scary and for those that are in those groups might take them literally and base their thinking on those stereotypes.

We then got into some news about the “former guy” getting acquited but in return being sued by folks. It never ends with them as Mitt Romney publicly comes out that he will not support the LGBTQ Equality Act. We talked briefly about Rush Limbaugh passing — great, moving on. President Biden is sending the elimination of $50K college loans to Congress, but social media when on a rant today.

We shared some Black History about how Jim Crow not only affecting the Southern states but also the Northern and how that worked and that it’s not in the history books. Also, we talked about Matthew Henson who was the first Black man to walk the North Pole.

I am sad to hear about the passing of LGBTQ artist Ari Gold over the weekend. Another angel reclaimed their wings. He was 47 and lost his battle with cancer. Rest in Power.

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