After election night, we were here for YOUR Wednesday night conversation. We were ready to get into it and talk about some things. You all were totally into it tonight. And definitely talking about the issues that matter most to you! Tonight: the election.

We talked about about Halloween at our households and talked about my secret love affair with oddities. But that was after talking about my heartbreak as I lost my cat, Miss Sassy Cat, on Friday. Not much time to mourn cause I had to pick my chin and do a drag story hour then cover election night.

Lately, the discussions on Twitter have been out there. Some in particular, talking about using coconut oil for lube. That’s just nasty and isn’t healthy for you. Freddy let us know what lubes we should be using. Also, another topic from Twitter, what if your partner is a Trump supporter. It can create some tension in the household.

Then we got into the election night results, as they appear right now and unofficial at this time. Updates are being made but it doesn’t seem like it’s fast enough, but also realizing that American voters came out in record numbers. Shattering records all over the place. We also recognized some of the LGBTQ and allies who were elected to office. So many historical moments with this election — and hoping for more to come.

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