We started the Wednesday night conversation with no lashes, barely any eyeliner. I mean that was me and Freddy was pixelated and ready to go. We continued with our moment of silence for the victims of police brutality.

We discussed the importance of physical distancing and wearing a mask — as we had discussed before. We also talked about the uncomfortableness and danger of the bars reopening. With numbers still rising and no vaccine and it being named a crisis, it just makes you think is it safe to be in social environments just yet. Are ready for a upswing in numbers?

We also talked about how the death of George Floyd along with Dion Johnson, Breonna Taylor sparked protests and other calls for action throughout the world including implementing 8 key elements that Obama started implementing when he was in office like banning chokeholds. This change has also included evaluation and disbanding police departments, racisms & protests being talked about on Sesame Street, the Pope joining the movement and more.

Of course, we had to talk about Arizona Karen and how the slap went around around the world, going viral. And if I understand correctly, she has an undiagnosed mental disorder — is it called racism? Just wondering. I wonder if it’s the same undiagnosed mental disorder that the Crossfit CEO has. Hmm…

It was a more upbeat episode and serious enough with a bit of laughter. You can watch the full episode on facebook.com/letshaveafefe or youtube.com/letshaveafefe.