It was great talking with Rocko Cook on tonight’s episode of Let’s Have A Fefe! If you missed it, be sure to watch. This was definitely the “Rocko” episode!

Freddy got into eccentrically acid trip type show that he found called “Midnight Gospel.” He also talked about his recent trip to Wet Beaver Creek. (Hehe.) I talked about cleaning my drag room and my first “breakdown” since being in self-isolation.

We talked with Rocko about his journey into being a “boy” of Leather, being in polyamorous and open relationship, and how his work at Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS in Phoenix. We got to learn more about what a pup was and how important communication is in relationships — period — but more so in polyamorous and open relationships.

This was definitely a learning episode and full of information. We also talked about current events: protesters for re-opening the state, conspiracy theories but still wearing masks. But mostly, we loved the heroes of the day: the medical professionals that told the protesters to go home.

Watch the full episode! You’ll love it.