Watch Felicia "Fefe" Minor and Freddy Prinze Charming on Let's Have A Fefe!

Here’s what you missed last night on Let’s Have A Fefe:

  • I talked about my trip to California and how important Movember is to me.
  • Just The Tip: Movember started and we talked about how to “massage” your way to healthy prostate
  • Our special guest, Will, looks like Adam Levine?
  • Fefe Offbeat Kylie Jenner’s new lips, K. Michelle is Miss No Booty?
  • Our special guest Will Hutt, is an awesome co-parent and defends his son — slightly viral hit.
  • My gal pal, my sister, Patricia Mason provides segways, power ballad intros and more!

Special thanks to all of those that watched last night — even the new viewers in the Carolinas!

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