Even though I have been doing drag and performing a minute now, I am still amazed and love to watch a show. I still fangirl over how entertaining it can be.

I got invited to join Freddy and some friends to Plazma for Celia Putty’s Freaky Friday. (Sorry, Celia, girl I was a little late.) When I arrived she was in the middle of starting the show and in talks with audience. Behind her was the 1970’s movie, Earthquake, playing on the televisions throughout the bar. She later came out for her second number that was “out of this world.” Celia brings to the stage a bit of mystery, a wide range originality that you don’t don’t see at your average drag show.

The show had special guests: Piper M’Shay and Sophia Sinclair. Sophia always brings a bit of humor and fun to the stage. Loved it. Piper M’Shay entertained us with some top 40 pop hits and gorgeous costumes. Gia DeMilo was good despite costume malfunctions — I know how that is.

All in all I enjoyed the show! The show has an energy was lively and gave great interaction with the audience.