The Social Psychology Of The Naked Selfie


Editor’s Note: Sean Young, PhD, MS, is the executive director of the UCLA Center for Digital Behavior and a Medical School Professor in the UCLA Department of Family Medicine.

If you’re building a tech product that has anything to do with photos then you’re probably feeling an uncomfortable sense of déjà vu lately, and it has to do with data security.

It had become so routine that throughout the fall it was hard to imagine a Monday without hearing about another set of iCloud photos that been hacked during the weekend.

And these aren’t just typical pictures of the girl down the street or the guy next door.

Apple/iCloud products were at risk for getting hacked, but they aren’t the only ones. So was Snapchat, and probably all other major sites hosting photos. Scandals have been popping up again and again around hacked photos, especially nude ones. So, why do we keep seeing these scandals? There…

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