Let's Have a Fefe

Whether you are in the bright spotlight and looking into an audience every night or sitting behind a desk, you wonder is tooting your own horn a bit too much.

In some cases, if you overdo it could come off cocky. If you find the right way to promote yourself and letting the world know about your accomplishments, it should be fine.

According to DailyWorth.com’s How to Get Ahead By Talking a Big Game, it’s okay to be out a let people know what have been up to with accomplishments and such. Just remain humble and not reach for that hashtag #douche status. There’s research that shows that career advancement can depend on if you toot your own horn or not.

Here are some things that I took away from the article:

  • Don’t undervalue yourself by thinking how you think someone values you.
  • When working in a group, highlight…

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