The truth of it all is… as an entertainer and being in the entertainment industry, I have noticed that a lot of entertainers have been very flaky about the job that they about to take on.

Most of the time I have noticed that if entertainers are not getting paid enough, not getting paid at all or just want to do the gig they are not professional enough to say no to the gig. They sign right up for the event, they go through and confirm that they will be there. The promoter of the event takes time to post about the show cast all over the social media networks, post flyers in the bar and have it mentioned in other shows. 

Please be sure to understand that I know that some of us hold this as a hobby and maybe you get called into work and you can’t make it. I understand that family emergencies come up. I have been through a couple of episodes on the show where the entertainer or guest agreed and then just left me hanging when it came to show time.

This behavior is, to say the least, irritating and, most importantly, unprofessional. You are your brand and your word is something that should be reliable and dependable. How can you continue to be the best at your gigs and not show up? My question is how do you keep getting hired when you are rude and don’t even follow through. To me, that’s a red flag.

Next time you take on a gig and confirm it with a promoter, club or whatever it may be — be sure to check your calendar to make sure that you haven’t double booked yourself, make sure that rides are available for you to get there. Be more reliable and stand by your word. If you’ve been flaky in the past, don’t get mad when you are not listed as a headliner at the gig.