Scottsdale, AZ — News of Forbidden Nightclub going through a complete re-branding didn’t stop the crowd from seeing the final show of the Barbra Seville Show with special guests Chad Michaels, Celia Putty and Kira Daniels. The show on it’s final night at Forbidden Nightclub was inspired by the upcoming film “Burlesque.”

Chad Michaels, Felicia Minor
It was awesome meeting Chad Michaels (top Cher impersonator)

The crowd filled the night club from wall to wall as the performers entertained with song from the upcoming movie’s soundtrack or song that inspired the movie.

For me it was great seeing everyone there to support Barbra on an end to a chapter. But as Babs said last night, “I don’t stay single for long ladies and gentlemen.” She announced that she will starting a new chapter of the Barbra Seville show at the Rock in Central Phoenix starting January 8th.