PHOTOS: Soul Sister Sunday Brunch Show on Sun., Feb. 20 at Industry PHX

Thank you to all who came out to Mia Inez Adams’ Soul Sister Sunday Brunch Show at Industry Phx alongside Maraya Jordan! Y’all were fun! We sang along, we played games, had some shots and most of all made me laugh. See you again on March 20! 💖🙏🥰

Upcoming Event: Mia Inez Adams presents Soul Sister Sunday at Industry PHX on Jan. 16

Join me as part of Soul Sister Sundays presented by Mia Inez Adams alongside Maraya Jordan on Sun., Jan. 16. Soul Sisters Sundays is a brunch full of soulful entertainment, interactive games, and the singalong showdown at Industry PHX in Phoenix.

#SoulfulSunday – “I Don’t Recall” by Lavender Diamond

#SoulfulSunday – “He Brought Me” by Dorinda Clark-Cole