PHOTOS: Holiday Bingo & Grinch makeup on Dec. 18

Thanks to all who joined us for Holiday Bingo benefitting Trans Spectrum of Arizona on Sat., Dec. 18. And I appreciate all the love for the Grinch makeup look.

Upcoming event: Makeup Marketing Monday with Thierry V. Alexandre

On Monday, Feb. 15, I am joining Thierry V. Alexandre for his Makeup Marketing Monday on Facebook Live. Thierry regularly hosts Makeup Marketing Monday to talk about beauty and makeup with special guest.

Happy October!

First photo from the photoshoot with Polaroid Phoenix! I can't wait to see more! xx

Let’s TAWLK – S7 E13 – Let’s Have A Fefe

Fefe & Freddy of Let's Have A Fefe -- YOUR Wednesday night conversation!

Tonight (12/27) – The Anti-Holiday Celebration of Truth or Dare Drag Bingo

Tonight (12/27) join Freddy Prinze Charming and me at The Cash Nightclub & Lounge in Phoenix at 7 p.m. for "The Anti-Holiday Celebration" of Truth or Dare Drag Bingo. 

Onesie Extravanganza – S7 E11 – Let’s Have A Fefe

Fefe & Freddy of Let's Have A Fefe -- YOUR Wednesday night conversation -- welcome Micah James, Queer Artist & Photographer and Brandon McGill, Body Artist, Painter, and Photographer.

S7E3: Happy Halloween! – Let’s Have A Fefe

Fefe & Freddy of Let's Have A Fefe -- YOUR Wednesday night conversation -- celebrating Halloween.

Makeup Monday: Finishing touches

To me, beauty and makeup and color is like...

Makeup Monday: Makeup + Confidence

"I love the confidence that makeup gives me." - Tyra Banks

Transformation Tuesday! TRANSFORMERS: SOME QUEENS are guys in disguise.

Makeup Monday: Girls, calm down

"Some of you girls need to calm down with the makeup until we get this clown situation under control!"

Makeup Monday!

Money can't buy you happiness...

VIDEO: My Makeup Eraser Demo + Review

You saw my unboxing video and now I am ready to try it after going to the Arizona's Diamond Crystal Awards. Check out my demo and I am really sorry about the water running in the video. I will remember that next time.

What steps am I taking to achieve my goals in 2016? #Beyond9to5

We asked the squad what they were doing to achieve the goals that they set for themselves in 2016. I struggled with this one a little as you can see here. Ha ha!

How are you OWNING your beauty in 2016? #Beyond9to5

We asked chat squad to give us examples of how they want to own their beauty in 2016. Some said that they were going to do more tutorials, some said they were going to get more expressive.

VIDEO: My Makeup Eraser Unboxing

The unboxing of the MakeUp Eraser after one night a lot of people using the Makeup Eraser and was blown away! They swiped one side of their face and you could see with one wipe they had a decently clean face.