Let’s Have A Fefe (S2 E1) – Premiere

AND WE'RE BACK! The premiere of season two was not as big as Ricki Lake's plate at Thanksgiving but it sure was a big deal to us! Back on the couch, we let those that didn't know that were not in the arms of another studio and working developing our own. The tip was subtle and Freddy doesn't like when people engaged in drooling on each other intimately. A man with 132 lbs was the topic of our discussion for a minute, as we asked ourselves how he walked.

Let’s Have a Fefe (S1 E22)

Thai Rivera guest stars on Let's Have a Fefe

Let’s Have a Fefe (S1 E16)

What an interesting night! The library opened and the pages from numerous books were flying all over the place! READING hunny! Not really, it's just fun to say that. We learned about sex toys, had a little bit about Freddy and little more about me. And it lead into a brand new segment of Ask Freddy & Felicia and introduced the hotline number (602) 845-9511. Meanwhile... what did we learn about Sherry Vine?