Photos: La Gattara Bazaar at La Gattara Cat Cafe in Tempe, AZ

I had a great time co-hosting or being one of the ring leaders of the La Gattara Bazaar at the La Gattara Cat Lounge in Tempe. It was great seeing everyone! Big shout out to the fellow entertainers like Julius -- the YoYo world champion, Azza the belly dancer, Ann Marie -- the animal medium and Lee Bartlett for a comedy piece. The biggest stars were the cats. This was all for them!

Photos: Drag Bingo + Cats at La Gattara Cat Lounge in Tempe

I CRIED! TEARS of laughter! Last night Drag Bingo & Cats 🐈, hosted by Freddy Prinze Charming & me, was one for the books! We had fun with large group reservations, Grey Goose Grandma, Empty Cup Kim, Late Ass Crystal & so much more! If you missed tonight, you should join us for the next one. Stay tuned for the Feb. date coming soon! 😂💖😻

Upcoming Event: Albuquerque PrideFest

This isn't my first time but it's just as exciting to be joining the Albuquerque Pridefest on Sat., June 8 at the Expo NW Home of the New Mexico State Fair.

World Down Syndrome Day, Miss Nature’s Dirty 30

It’s World Down Syndrome Day! ♥️ On July 14, Miss Nature is celebrating her dirty 30 & raising money for the Southern Arizona Network for Down Syndrome!

Upcoming event: Party Like A Queen – A Disco Dance Party

Hey LOVES! I am excited to be one of the 50 queens to be giving it my disco best on April 19 for the Party Like a Queen - Disco Dance Party at The Van Buren.

Off-Key Adventure: First Friday

On Friday, I went to the First Friday event. It was great! I took the Valley Metro Lightrail to downtown Phoenix where on the first Friday of every month vendors and artists alike can show off their talents and sell their creativity on the streets! So like a street fair. The lightrail experience was awesome … Continue reading Off-Key Adventure: First Friday