Video: Adult entertainer Adam Awbride talks marketing on Let’s Have A Fefe

Sorry it took me forever to put this up! Our latest episode was a good one! Freddy returned! We talked about all the things going on after a successful THRIVE Ball! And Freddy broke some good news -- he bought a house with his partner. Great way to start the episode.

Video: Thrive Ball for #JobsandCare Livestream at Arizona Ballroom Champions, hosted by Dizzie Ramsey

Whoa! That’s a wrap on the THRIVE BALL for #JobsandCare! Special thanks for Jess, Matt, Ginny of Arizona Working Families Party & Working Families Party for trusting us to put this event together in weeks. Nelini Stamp for letting us run with your vision and idea. Shannon McKenzie, it’s another for the books. Thanks for being such a great co-producer!

Upcoming event: Adam Awbride join us on Let’s Have A Fefe

It's YOUR Wednesday night conversation! This week we have Adam Awbride joining us for an all-new episode of Let's Have A Fefe with Felicia "Fefe" MInor & Freddy Prinze Charming. Learn how he is flexing his marketing muscles as an adult film artist.

Upcoming event: Thrive Ball for Jobs & Care, sponsored by AZ Ballroom Champions, Working Families Party & The Frontline

As the world starts to resume life and we get back to the things that we love. It's time to make those who we elected accountable to those campaign promises that they made. That includes jobs and care for the working class that put them in office. On Apr. 3 at 6:30 p.m. you are invited to watch and be entertained by the Thrive Ball for Jobs & Care.

Video: Madame Askew & The Grand Arbiter bring the laughs on Let’s Have A Fefe

If you need a good laugh, tonight's episode of Let's Have A Fefe was full of them as Freddy and I welcomed Madame Askew & The Grand Arbiter. I may or may not have cried from laughing so hard. You'll have to tune into the episode to find out.

Video: The Doyénne talks “Blood_Code” on Let’s Have A Fefe

Tonight was a good night with special guest The Doyénne, an indie artist based out of Phoenix. And of course the night wouldn't be right without a visit from one of Freddy's cats. And something falling. Ha ha.

Video: Wig Cap Recap with Miss Nature

A quick wig cap recap with Miss Nature after Reading with Elected Official event. We talked what it means to give back to the community, what motivates us to continue to do it and more. Check it out! Should I make Wig Cap Recap a regular thing? Let me know what you think.

Video: Felicia “Fefe” Minor & Thierry V. Alexandre talk marketing, branding on Makeup Marketing Monday

I had the opportunity to talk with Thierry V. Alexandre on his Makeup Marketing Monday today. We talked about personal branding, content creation, marketing, and more. Thierry host these focused discussions to help makeup artist and beauty entrepreneurs develop their brands, their social media presence and more.

Upcoming event: Makeup Marketing Monday with Thierry V. Alexandre

On Monday, Feb. 15, I am joining Thierry V. Alexandre for his Makeup Marketing Monday on Facebook Live. Thierry regularly hosts Makeup Marketing Monday to talk about beauty and makeup with special guest.

Video: Joan Bish of By Bish, Jewelry Auction, Inauguration Day & more on Let’s Have A Fefe

Today felt like a new day, a relief. Tonight we got to talk with Joan Bish of By Bish about the inauguration, the mental health and of course her handcrafted jewelry.

Upcoming event: By Bish Jewelry Auction to help Let’s Have A Fefe upgrade equipment

At the beginning of January 2021, we announced on Let's Have A Fefe that we were going to be raising money to upgrade our equipment. So far we have raised $285 with the help of supporters and friends. While doing this, a friend and supporter Joan Bish, mentioned a jewelry auction. And we are extremely thankful for her time, her willingness to do this. Wow!

Video: Support Local and Small Businesses!

On Saturday's, from time to time, I post on my profile a post asking to shout out your favorite local or small businesses. It seems to be a good thing. This week I wanted to try a different way. I wanted to go live and talk with people as they are tagging their favorite business.